Poem based on 4th Sunday in Lent John 3:14-21

Lifted up amid the people
Lost and wandering
On their way
--to wherever God would lead them
full of hope
--and wonder
but lost
--without a country
--or land
--or a life
and at time illness would come
in this land far from any land
--that could be called their own
--or home
and for those people
--feeling so lost
--and ill
God gave them hope
That if any should look upon the serpent
Raised up amid the pain of their existence
They would be healed
Made whole
--through the gift of God
--to live again
--to love again
--to praise again

and for us
wandering in our desert
--of loneliness
--and pain
living so far from our longing
God has given
That part
That life
The Messiah
Christ of us all
Lifted up upon the cross
In an act that was meant to bring death
To Christ
--and to hope
but instead
--brings life
to all who gaze upon
this love of God for the world

and the beacon shines bright
in our lives of pain
illuminating the darkness within
and filling our lives
with the love of God

and forgiving us our sin


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