Poem for Good Friday John 18:1-19:42

Who is this man
They cried
This one
--welcomed just three days ago
as the Messiah
the one who would bring peace to the nation
peace to the world
who is this man
who claims to be the Son of God
who would dare to tempt
the systems we have set in motion
we are
--they cried with a voice united
civilized people
we have our laws and order
--and our punishments for those
--who like our friend here
----(or are chosen)
----to be more than we have room for
this Jesus from Nazareth
hung up there
in pain and death
--just like any common
the King of Jews
with no kingdom of this world
and few to follow
--------(law and order)
------------------Justice has a way
to keep things from getting
with anyone
who would disrupt
this life of ours
-------is this Jesus of Nazareth
that he should come here
where we have things
as we want them
-----------(forgive them)
and want nothing more
------(for they know not what they do)


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