July 25th, St. James, Apostle

Mark 10:35-45

With each crashing wave along the shore
    The water swirls
Around the outcropping of rock
Slowly eating away at its structure
It consist only of the sand
And reshaping itself again
With the help of the waves
Along the beach
Smooth and gentle to walk on
Each grain
Once a part of a great structure
Now toppled by time
So too with the great structures
Of this world
Once powerful protectors of separation
Supported on the fears
Of those it is intended to serve
Only to end up
In time
                  A pinnacle
     Surrounded by the sands
Until it too topples by its own weight.
In Christ there are no pinnacles
No outcroppings that stand above all others
Only the sands
Washing upon the shore
Supporting one another.


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