John 3:1-17

Holy Trinity Sunday

Perched high in our own protection
we search
looking for that one someone out there
who will give us
---- almost
what we are looking for
that one someone who will drag us along
on coattails of almost making it
We search the crowd
-----busy and on its way
for one
who will give us that edge
---that way
of fulfilling the desires within
sitting here
perched up high and finding nothing
in a world busy preaching but not hearing
I don’t even see the scene change
Suddenly a newness splits the air
and is sucked into our
almost painfully filled with life
--------(so loved the world)
drawing us onward into the crowd
---------(that Christ was given)
of life and death swirled together
------------(that whoever)
in search
of the fullness that must come
from out there somewhere


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