3rd Sunday after Pentecost

Mark 4:35-41

Peace be with you
Be still and know that
--I am
in the midst of your troubled life
(and the waters calmed upon the sea)
when all around you
everything is falling
(that once were raging)
into a fearful
rage of destruction
(seeking to overcome)
(the smallness of the craft)
plunging your life
into the nothingness
of chaos
(tossed about)
(with no apparent notice of it’s presence)
ending the glow
now dim
that once illumined the souls of many
(or the life within)
who have since retreated
into the safe harbor of their own lives
fearing unnoticed
the trouble brewing within you
as you now sit alone
amid friends surviving
at a safe distance
(the voice)
--the voice
(of God)
--from within
speaks the word of calm
the word of creator and creation
showing the way
to safety and hope
still far off
(calms the seas)
but in full view


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