OK Lord, you take it..

Sunday April 26th, Psalm 4: O Lord you have put gladness in our hearts more than when grain and wine abound. We will both lie down and sleep in peace; for you alone, O LORD, make us lie down in safety. After all the hurrying around in life, we sometimes get to the point where we stop struggling to put out own stamp on life and let God be in charge. It is then we begin to see the riches that have been given to us. It is good to be thankful, but we are often thankful only for the frosting in life. It is when we realize that God has given us all that we have, all is a gift from God, all is given by grace, that we can live with gladness in our hearts. It is not just the frosting; it is the cake, and more often than not, the meat and potatoes where the true blessings lay. When we slow down, look around, see the sights, look at the details, nourish the relationships, that we see the hand of God in our lives. Some say it is a gift that comes with age, others say it comes with trauma or some manner of facing death. God calls you to live it now. May you relish the gift today.


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