Ready to leave the lake for now

As I prepare for leaving the lake cabin and heading back to Anchorage, I look out over the lake, a few clouds drifting low in the mid August early fall. The water is starting to rise with the new project to bring more water into the lake, up about three inches in the three weeks I have been here. The boat is put away and winterized and ready for next summer.

God has blessed me with some interesting views of life. Most mornings and most evenings there have been four Sandhill Cranes strutting in front of the cabin, with their guttural, almost prehistoric, croaking sounds. I have been able to drift close to the Loons on the lake only to watch their necklaced bodies dive deep only to come up quite some distance away. A lone Bald Eagle has passed over many times, sometimes only to be chased by the Ravens. I even saw a Peregrine Falcon flying along with the heavy burden of a shorebird victim in tow, soon to be met up with by its mate as they looked for a quite place for lunch, without some fool in a boat trying to take their picture.

I have done some reading while here, enjoying Coffin and C.S Lewis, and finished Barbara Rossing’s Book, the Rapture Exposed. This is an excellent look at Revelation and the whole Rapture racket that is sweeping our nation in both religion and politics. I have done some writing, finishing up for the most part (still a few loose ends) a series of reflective poems on the Gospels for the three year cycle and most of the lesser festivals.

Now comes the task of cleaning up my mess here and getting ready to move on to the west coast.


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