God's yes to the worlds no

Sunday April 15th, Acts 5: 27 When the apostles were brought before the council, the high priest said to them, 28 "We told you plainly not to teach in the name of Jesus. But look what you have done! You have been teaching all over Jerusalem, and you are trying to blame us for his death." First the power structure in Jerusalem, those who were in cahoots with Rome, said a loud No to Jesus’ message of grace and forgiveness. They thought they were rid of him by having him crucified. They thought they had saved their necks by getting rid of Jesus. In Response, God said a loud “YES,” and Jesus and his trouble making went merrily on. The ripples of the YES continued with the disciples and instead of denying him, as they did at his crucifixion, they were going about the Jesus business. Jesus business, if it is honest Jesus business, always scares those in power. If it doesn’t scare those in power it is probably not Jesus business, it is just disguised to look like it.


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