5th Sunday in Lent

Luke 20:9-19

Scrambling and trying to make it
---- the Lord is coming
on our own
in our own way
---- The Lord is coming
Rejecting the voices we have heard
the signs we have seen
---- The Lord is coming
and hearing only our own voice
seeing only our own works
---- The Lord is coming
in our scramble to make it
with what we see as the way
---- Rejoice
our way
our time
---- Rejoice
we have killed and silenced the ones
who have come it he name of the Lord
---- Rejoice
turned a deaf ear
and a clenched fist
---- Rejoice
our striving killing even the son of God
---- Rejoice
yet you love is there
seeing past what we do
into who we are
the children of God made holy
by your love
The Lord is coming


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