1st Sunday in Advent Luke 21:25-36

How can we stand Lord?

We know of your awesome power


to create

----and bring to a close

all of this

----beyond our ability to conceive


How can we stand in this world

filled with all the powers of temptation

we can muster?

How can we stand and be ready

even when we see the signs?

(God gave)

In our world full of everyone is doing it

and that’s the way things are

(so loved)

we have so many one more things to do

here in this place.

(the world)

Even when I try to focus on you alone

(He gave his only Son)

I fail.

Even when I try to focus on you alone

I am unable to truly be who you call me to be.

(that whoever believes in Him)

When I look at the end coming

I am afraid

I will perish.

(will not perish)

and lose my

(but have eternal life)



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