Mark 9:30-37

 So innocent

So pure

The gentle face

Looks up

With a trust that has not been betrayed

And talks of purple cows

And green giraffes

This one

This little child

Understands the world in a different way

Understands that

To stop the arms race

People have to stop making arms

Understands that

Skin color

Makes a person as different as

Eye, hair, or clothes color

Understands that

Hungry people need food

Children understand these things


They have not learned to be afraid

They have not learned to win or lose

They have not seen

Or believe in

The boundaries

That everyone else thinks they have seen

And believe in

For them

Life is an open book

With no writing

--no limits

and they can be hurt

but they trust in love anyway

when they hear God loves them

they just smile

and know


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