John 6:24-35

 Our bellies are full

We are refreshed

Our minds are no longer dulled

By that gnawing ache of hunger

And yet

We long

There was more that took place on that day

Than just the loaves

------------and fishes

what happened was good

--in the way creation was pronounced good

and yet

--we hunger for more

not just the food

that eased our hunger

but there was power in the words that were spoken

power that opened our minds

power that challenged us

and made us see

--a hunger

 we had not known

--(Jesus Said)

a hunger from deep within

which now that it has become loosed

will not be bound again

until it is feed

--(I am)

and nourished

as only God

--(the Bread)

as the Creator of all

--(of life)

can do


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