6th Sunday after Easter John 15:9-17

 In a small forgotten corner of the world

There came one small child


born of no one in particular

who lived the greater share of his life

unknown to the world


he began to tell others

----(one another)

of the love of their God

and how

--this love

which was known by all in this land

was not just

--a keep things as they are

kind of love

but a

--look what things are

----and could be

kind of love

that is hard for some to hear


but brings hope to others

the ones who had much to lose

begin to worry

as they heard the word of God

in a new way


and decided to stop

--this message of love from God

by stopping this one

who was showing them this love

and killing him

and they did

----(have loved)

but this one did not remain in death

and neither did God’s love

and the story spread

making more people uncomfortable


and others full of hope


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