4th Sunday after Easter John 10:11-18

 The small child

ran gently

into the arms of her mother

and felt the comfort

--the warmth

the love that is in those arms

the love

--that cared that night

--when dreaming seemed

----so real

--the caring that went on

----into the night

in the love that was felt

--(the Good Shepherd)

and reads

--not one

but two, three, four, five, six


--(lays down)

when the night is already late

and the milk tipped over


----at supper

these arms that offer security

--suspended there

in a crowed of strangers

all too busy

--in their own worlds

to notice or care about one so small

these arms of security

I can hang onto

And see these worlds

----and yet know

I am safe in my world

--(his life)

within these arms

I know this

and I can sleep now

in peace

because I know

these arms will be there

--(for His sheep)



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