5th Sunday after Epiphany Mark 1:29-39

 Into this world came the Christ


casting out evil

--which had for so long dominated the very life

----of all who lived and breathed

in this perfect creation

--now soiled

----for too long

------for anyone to remember

He came

--casting out and making whole



the people struggling to see

the other side

--of this existence

the other side

--into a world of what is

----from the beginning of time

Jesus came and healed

--(our eyes)

those who suffer

--what they need not suffer

that they may become

--that which they are

----and are called to be

As the hopeless encircled this power


in hope

and felt the Power

--of God


------that place


in their lives

--to far removed from the perfection of the universe

----to know

--(the glory)

------that it is once more


in this place

in this timeless moment

------within the limits of our lives


With the sick and the poor and the despised and the lovely


In a new way for all time

Changing the changeless lives

--(that is)




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