4th Sunday after Epiphany Mark 1:21-28

 What are you doing here?

--came the scream of those who knew


----of this teacher

--------in fear

Why have you come

--at this time

--------and in this place


the ones who know not who you are

or could care less?

Jesus.  You are wasting your time

--on these souls who come here only to play

-------at religion



--as if they think they know what they are doing


--as if they think they care

with that look of astonishment on their faces

--they pay you honor

but we know

--we know


---------is in charge here


---------calls the shots

---------and controls the lives

---------and allows them to play at their games

-----------that they think is life

it all works so well

this game



So what have you to do with us

--Jesus of Nazareth?

Would you destroy all this?

Would you destroy the life these people have built

------------just for your kingdom?


--you are getting too close

--this is not the game we expected


but where are we to go

------Holy One

do you really think they will follow you?

and the people were amazed

--at the new teaching

----and authority

------that even the unclean spirits obey


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