3rd Sunday after Epiphany Mark 1:14-20

 The time is fulfilled

--into this world

--------ripped apart

--by timelessness entering in

comes the news

the time is fulfilled


and with that this carpenter from Nazareth

reaches in into this place

--and time

and calls out to


--follow me

Simon and Andrew


--the net of labor

toiled over by so many

in favor of wonders

--at hand


leaving behind a life

looked down on by some

--and admired by others

for one of joy

and lust for the many headed wonder of newness

out of the heat

(and believe)

--of this world

and into the perceived pursuit

-- of all that is wonder

-- -- -- joy

-- --- -- -- peace

joined by others

who only make

-- the fever pitch of excitement

-- -- closer to a reality only dreamed of


with little thought

to the demands

-- that would be placed on them by love

as they tried to present

(the Gospel)

the good news


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