1st Sunday after Epiphany (Baptism of our Lord) Mark 1:4-11

 As one possessed

----he stood there

in rags

----the mere shadow of what a man should be


----with no thought

--------as to what the world would say


--------this gaunt human form


----the Message of Life

------------to come

----to a world in death

with all the water


--------about his feet

------------and the rocks

------------of this created


Proclaiming the call

----not to himself

But to one



----who was to come



----Breaking through the reeds

----that separate

the Calm

----of the land living its own

from the Mayhem

--------of the future glimpse

--------at this rivers edge


----no one of note

to heed the call

--------to come


----------------the water

--------and live

And As The Water Broke

------------With New Life

The Heavens Opened

With a Voice

--------from beyond time

“This Is My Son”

----Rippled Through The Existence of All That Was

----------------and Is


----the cooing harmonies of a dove


--------------------upon the shoulder

----of the Christ to be

“Whom I Love”

as the Heavens came crashing

-----------------back together

----on a world


that would never be the same


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