The Holy Trinity Matthew 28:16-20

Go into the world
And teach them to love
Teach them the commands
---- love the Lord
---- with all their heart
-------- soul
------------ mind
---- and their neighbor
-------- as themselves
---- and to love themselves
---- while they are at it
Baptize all who will hear
In the name of the one who
---- Created
-------- Redeemed
------------ and Sanctified the world
in the name of the one who loves
as a parent loves their children
in the midst of the horseplay
---- and bickering and fighting
Go spread the word
---- invite
-------- Baptize
------------ and forgive
the uninvited
---- unbaptized
-------- and unforgivable
tell them the news that the battle is over
the victory is won
---- come to the waters and hear
---- come to the waters and see
---- come to the waters and be feed
---- O my children


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