Matthew 26:14-27:66 Passion Sunday

Ride on Ride on in Majesty
Through the dusty streets
The crowds raise up their voices
And with hosannas greet
The horseman and his mighty legions
Law and order to keep
Leather, shields and swords
Marching in perfect step
The one who represents the son of god
His symbol leads the way
All the dignitaries were there
As he entered through the gate
Pilot rode in up the white horse
Onward solders marching
As to war
Ready to keep the peace and any cost
Life was secondary
Marching on in majesty
The flexing imperial power of Rome
On this powder keg celebration
of liberation
and the leaders came to see
on the other end of the holy city
a simple procession
down the hill and through the dusty streets
no armor, helmets or swords
only their voices, cloaks and a few palm branches
to line the way
of the
This is My Son
My Beloved
In whom I am well pleased
Riding on a small gently colt
While the shouts went up
Hosanna to the Son of David
The stones ready to roar
Pilot will be sore if he hears
Hosannas from the heart
The stage is set
Majesties ride on
To the climax of the ages
New beginnings, fresh start
A meal
And coins change hands
And soon the beginning of the end
For the son of man
The dark night
Three times before the dawn
Another procession
A man dripping red
No hosannas this time
Only shame
Only dread
And soon the sound of spikes hammered
And blood being drawn
While silent
From a distance
The people looked on
Jesus remember me in paradise today
Forgive them
It is finished
Some heard him say
The darkness
The earth quake
The curtain torn in two
Hopes dashed and power roared
As the body was laid to rest
The tomb sealed
Life back to normal
And yet
Off in the distance a glimmer of light
Fresh breeze in the air
In the dark early morning
The body wasn’t there….


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