Matthew 4:1-11 The Temptation of Jesus

Sometimes you know
Deep down inside you just know
But you have to test
Children do it all the time
They know
But they just want to really know
Who’s in charge
Are things the same
And they test
The people Israel knew
They had their time
For forty years they wandered
And were put to the test
And they knew the story
Each line by heart
To say one line
Said them all
And they lived that time
And answered the question
Who’s in charge?
After forty days Jesus was hungry
And they knew
they had been there too
they knew the hunger
they knew the pain
and they felt each moment
when the temptations came
and the forty years
of their wanderings came back
and they remembered that time
and they remembered their lack
as they whined and groaned
and fell into sin
at each temptation
again and again
and answered the question
who’s in charge?
If you are who you say then tell these rocks
And the question rang
Tell them to be bread so you can eat
The devil sang
And the question came out loud and clear
And Israel knew it
Knew it deep in their hearts
Because they lived it
And they prayed it
Each day of their lives
The Lord is our God
The Lord is one
But still that question
it needs to be near
and the question rang out
who’s in charge here
and the answer came as did manna from above
that we don’t live on just bread
but we live on each word
that comes from our God
who’s in charge
but that wasn’t enough
and Jesus was taken
to the temple in Jerusalem
and the devil said
it’s time to test God
and the claim that you’re really the son
so jump from this temple
jump down and show
the world
that God’s really true
God said you’d be safe
So prove it. Now Jump
Maybe I’ll stop bugging you too…
And Israel remembered
How they had tested their Lord
And the question rang out loud and clear
And Jesus snapped back
Don’t put God to the test
And the question……
Who’s in charge here
Next Jesus was lead
To the top of the mountain
To see all the kingdoms below
And Israel remembered
Shema Israel
They remembered their own calf of gold
As Moses was taken on high
They knew
They remembered
How miserable they failed in their task
And Moses had seen
What the people had done
And again the question was asked

It’s yours
You can have it
You can be their messiah
Just bow down and worship me now
And Jesus responded
Satan! Go to hell!
For it is written
Worship and serve only God
Remembered Israel
They remembered their prayer
The Lord is our God
The Lord is one


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