Epiphany Matthew 2:1-12

For those who know these things
who study the signs
---- that they might know
what is
---- and is to come
---- even they
---- who could see the handwriting in the stars
---- in search of the one foretold
---- the one who would make
---- all the searching
-------- yearning
------------ seeing
---- complete
The Heavens told them
This was the Messiah
---- the Christ
-------- the Prince of Peace
In a world longing so
------------------ for Peace
This was to be the one
Who would make all the Herods
---- in their quest for
-------- Peace
-------- (Law and Order at any Cost)
-------- and Tranquility
-------- (Change must not come too quickly
--------------------------------------- and upset
-------- the systems that fill my pockets)
---- of only kingdoms
granted them in this world
-------- by the people
------------who wish to have security
------------ made up of the
------------------------------ bits
--------------------------------- and
-------------------------------------- pieces
-------------------------------------------- of
------------------------------------------------- human
------------------- Destruction
Into this came
-------------- and comes
the Kingdom
----- of the one who brings Peace
-------------------------- Shalom
-------------- even to the Herods
This Messiah
----- Born under the star
was here
Breaking into all the might
---------------------------- wisdom
----------------------------------- Power
---------- of this world
--------- with the seemingly helpless
--------------------------------------------- cry
--------------------------------------------------of a baby


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