Poem based on Luke 7:36-8:3

I came there every Sunday
I was faithful
singing the hymns and praying the prayers
being swept up in all
the joy
---- love
-------- friendship
------------ community
----in that place
knowing in my heart
the love of Christ (Your)
through the caring of others
gathered in conversation and coffee

sometimes on the way home
I would wonder
I would read the paper
and wonder
hear the news
and wonder (Sins)
there was a God of love
A Christ

one day I came face to face with
who I was
face to face with the one I call me
I dropped to my knees
and cried
at my shallow life
at the pain I had given
and had been given
and I cried Lord!
---- (Are Forgiven)
Save me.
---- I need you
and through the prayerful tears came relief
and the God of Love
and I felt
---- (Go In)

peace  (Peace)


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