Sunday October 11th, Amos 5: The LORD said: 10You people hate judges and honest witnesses; 11you abuse the poor and demand heavy taxes from them. You have built expensive homes, but you won't enjoy them; you have planted vineyards, but you will get no wine. 12I am the LORD, and I know your terrible sins. You cheat honest people and take bribes; you rob the poor of justice. 13Times are so evil that anyone with good sense will keep quiet. The mantra in the U.S. since Reagan has been to cut taxes.  For the most part this has meant large tax cuts for the wealthiest among us, and small tax cuts for the middle and poor among us.  But, life goes on.  Things happen and services are provided.  In the long run, the result of the cut in taxes is that services to the poor are cut, jobs for the middle class have been shipped overseas and the top half of one percent of the nation is better off than ever before, at the expense of everyone else.  We are in an Amos world and the economic difficulties we face and the fight to stop any attempt to solve the issue is but a piece of the puzzle.  While the top of the 99% fight the bottom of the 99%, the one percent at the very top laugh all the way to the bank in the Caymans.  It is a world ripe for Jesus.  


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