Thursday October 1st, James 5:  17Elijah was a man just like us. He prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the land for three and a half years. 18Again he prayed, and the heavens gave rain, and the earth produced its crops. 19My brothers, if one of you should wander from the truth and someone should bring him back, 20remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of his way will save him from death and cover over a multitude of sins. Danger here.  Sometimes we focus so much on changing someone else from their sinful ways, we are able to keep from looking at our own lives.  Sometimes we think we know the full extent of what sin is, after all we have that list from some fundamentalists group that tells us who and what to hate, and in the process forget to see the real sin by following the money to see who profits from all that hate.  Walking as a child of God is not about fixing someone else, it is about forming a relationship with someone else.  A relationship where we are as willing to hear the other persons take on our life as we are to dispense wisdom about theirs.  In the end, without love as the glue, we are only nagging and being self-righteous in the process.


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