ever flowing stream

Sunday July 26th, Psalm 145: The LORD helps the fallen and lifts up those bent beneath their loads.  All eyes look to you for help; you give them their food as they need it. The Lord does indeed give food as it is needed, the trouble is that we humans have managed to disrupt the distribution system.  I love Coffin’s saying, It is one thing to call with the prophets of old to let Justice roll down like an ever flowing stream, it is quite another to design the irrigation system.  Often in the design of the irrigation system, there are those who wish to siphon off more than they need without regard for those downstream.  We now have a multi-billion dollar industry in producing diet foods and diet plans in some parts of the world and children starving to death in other parts of the world.  Perhaps if we were to love justice and show mercy (Micah 6:7-8) we could see to it to spend one tenth of our military budget on mercy and justice.  That would be enough to provide adequate food, housing, clothing, and medical care for everyone in the world that does not currently have such.  At the same time, it would reduce the need for such an obscene military budget and save money in the long run. We can cry to let justice roll down like an ever flowing stream, what we need to work on is the irrigation system that distributes to all the children of God.  When Paul talked about not discerning the Body as eating and drinking damnation onto ourselves, he was saying more or less the same thing.  


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