Poem based on Mark 6:1-6

The sun shines here
Like nowhere else
Amid the fields and streams
So familiar
---- to the feet of my youth
as I come over the hill
and see the village
about it’s business
---- as it had been forever
I knew now what it was
I wanted to say
------------ and do
I was aware of who I was
And who I was to be
And I wanted to share
---- this vision of life
with these
---- the ones who had filled my being
with fond memories
of a time
---- when life seemed simpler
---- with less evil in the world
thoughts and memories
swirl through my mind
as I come into the village of my youth
with all that is in me
to integrate the reality of what was
with the reality
---- that had come to be mine
and with that
I went to the center of my life
And this village
And spoke
Of the message
I had come to bring to the whole world
Starting here in the place
---- where I also started
and as I spoke the new truth
---- of life
the faces I had hoped to save
---- changed
as the walls went up
seeing only the memories
of what was
unable to change and grow
as I had
for they had grown used to
what had been
and therefore
unable to see
a future that included their own
and as the walls
turned to violence
I wept
At the hardness

That is the human heart


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