name calling

Thursday June 11th, Mark 3: 20 Then Jesus went home, but again a crowd gathered. There were so many people that Jesus and his followers could not eat.21 When his family heard this, they went to get him because they thought he was out of his mind.22 But the teachers of the law from Jerusalem were saying, "Beelzebul is living inside him! He uses power from the ruler of demons to force demons out of people." For those for whom power is everything any threat to that power are often met with attempts to destroy.  Jesus is not one of us so he must get his power from Beelzebub is how they confronted Jesus.  He is a socialists, or Muslim, or big government, is the name calling of today.  The motive behind them differs little.  If Jesus is not upsetting your world view, perhaps it is worth another look.  


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