all stand before God

Tuesday June 9th, 2 Corinthians 4:14: 14 For we too speak because we believe, and we know for certain that he who raised the Lord Jesus from death shall also by him raise us. We shall all stand together before him. When we speak and act in this world, we are in essence telling others, telling the world, something about ourselves and our relationship to God.  Everything we think, say and do is a prayer, and the question for us is; is this a prayer we wish to be praying right now?   Throw into the mix that we shall all stand together before God and we have an unsettling situation of our reality verses God’s reality.  In the attempts of destroy the lives of union workers for the sake of party power; In the wars started to provide a fount of economic blessing for your party through no bid contracts; in the lives harmed by shifting money from food and health programs for the many to better yachts for the few, we come to the reality that someday we will stand before God alongside all those harmed by our grab for wealth and power.  When you hear that we shall all stand before God, what are your thoughts?  For some it will be that they were “right” and the others will be doomed.  I think judgment comes when all are welcomed and the judgers of this world will have to face the judged.  


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