Humans from the Humus

Sunday May 31st, Psalm 29: All of you angels in heaven honor the glory and power of the LORD! Honor the wonderful name of the LORD, and worship the LORD most holy and glorious. The voice of the LORD echoes over the oceans. The glorious LORD God thunders above the roar of the raging sea, and his voice is mighty and marvelous.  In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.  Then God formed Humans from the Humus, or we could say Earthlings from the Earth and breathed into them the Breath of Life, the Ruack, what we call the Holy Spirit.  It is this spirit, from the beginning of time that gave and gives life.  God created all.  We can get into debates over how that creation took place, or how long it took etc.  We can look at the big bang theory and see the voice of God or if we want, the folly of man.  We can have our debates over whether the stories in the Bible are about the creator and the creation or about the creator and the how of creation.  Or we can look at all that surrounds us and consider, with wonder, honor, and holiness, and science, the creator behind it all.  Analyze or worship, it is an option, although a poor one.  We can both analyze and worship and find greater enlightenment in both in the process.  


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