Opening Litany based on Psalm 4

Worship Leader: Answer me when I call to you O Lord, give me relief from my distress

Congregation; Have mercy on me O God and hear my prayer.

Worship Leader: How long will the people of God turn glory into shame? How long will they love delusions and run after false gods? Know my children that the LORD has set you apart and called you as faithful servants.

Congregation: I will live my life knowing that the Lord hears me when I call. 

Worship Leader: Live in awe of the Lord and do not knowingly sin.  In the silence of the evening, search your hearts and know that you are a child of God. 

Congregation: We will offer our lives and our trust as a righteous offering unto the Lord. 

Worship Leader: Many spend their lives and energies asking, “Who will bring us prosperity?”  If you want riches, let the light of God’s love shine upon you.

Congregation: Fill my heart with joy O Lord, for that is the abundance I seek. 

Worship Leader: In peace I will lie down and sleep this night.

Congregation: For the Lord alone will make us dwell in safety. 


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