Poem based on The Resurrection of our Lord Mark 16:1-8

Whom do you seek
in this temple dark
amid the stone and cold dust?
The one who was laid here
is held no more
by the limits of our world and trust.
He is not in this place
once dark and filled with death
where he was laid
in love and care.
He is risen and lives
He is risen and gives
believe him
Shout from the tops of buildings
Tell all the world
The one who was
King of the Jews
Is King of life for us
Go tell the others
Shout for Joy
---and sing
Everything that was of this world
Has been changed to what has been
The Kingdom is here
Do not be amazed
New Life breaks in
It is here
It is now
The temple has been rebuilt
Christ is Risen
Christ is Risen indeed

Christ is Here


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