Poem based on 5th Sunday in Lent John 12:20-33

Perched on the end of its stock
Out of the reach of the ground
A grain grows
Full of life that is
And is to be
In the bringing forth of life
Not only to itself
But to all who partake

Lord help me
to face
--that which has been faced
--for generation after generation
--(a grain of wheat)
that which makes no sense
and yet is the only thing
--that makes sense
I fear what is to come to all
I fear accepting my death
As real
And facing the unknown
--(to earth)
even Christ’s soul was troubled
and felt agony
at the facing of what
--------(and dies)
But I know
--in my innermost self
that to live
I must let go
To truly live
I must accept all of life
--even death
and not hang on to my self
--as god
--(it remains alone)
I thank you Lord
For your Son
Who died
--(but if it dies)
that I might live

--(it bears much fruit)


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