Poem based on 3rd Sunday in Lent John 2:13-22

So pure was the water
So clean and pure
As Jesus came out of the river Jordan
And the dove came
Landing there
So pure
So simple
Was the moment
And the words
----this is My Son

so pure was the mist
so clean and pure
as the Light enveloped Jesus on the mountain
and the voice came
and was heard there
so pure
so simple
was this moment
and the words
----this is My Son
--------Listen to Him

Listen to Him
Can you hear amid the drone
Of the voices calling
And selling
--the doves
----and oxen
------and sheep
on the steps of the temple
dedicated to the worship of God
turned now into
a respectable place
where budding capitalist can ply their trade
turning the burning desires of humanity
drawn to a closeness with God
into a reasonable profit
----in their definition
in the name of love

This Is My Father’s House
But you have made it into
A temple of human desire
And lust
For power
and it will fall
fall from the weight of those
--------on top
weighted down by the greed
of an honest living
amid the poor

so pure was the air
so clean and pure
as Jesus’ life slipped from him
and a world changed
as Christ arose in three days
the temple rebuilt
so pure
so simple
and the words
were remembered
This is My Son

Listen to Him


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