It's a promise

Sunday March 8th, Exodus 20: 2 I am GOD, your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of a life of slavery. 3 No other gods, only me. Here we take our stand, sort of. We like to let the words roll off our tongue, talk as if we believe them, confess it when asked, but then our lives often tell a different story. When it comes to the bottom line however, “GOD your God” ends up taking a back seat to our passion’s flavor of the day. This is what the temptation in the garden with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was all about. Which comes first, your desires and wants or God’s plan for you and for your life and for this world? You can get at the answer by answering some other questions. How many hours a day to you spend in study and prayer? Have you ever taken a Sunday off from worship? Do you invite many of the people you meet to join you in worship? Do you go out of your way to serve others, knowing that in doing so you serve God? The list goes on and on. The promise for GOD to be our God also goes on and on. We all fall short, but God comes through. I am GOD your God is the promise of grace in the midst of our humanness. God’s grace is what saves the day, as well as saving our bacon.  


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