The Transfiguration of our Lord Mark 9:2-9

In the Joy filled intensity of our excitement
We look up
And catch a glimpse of
-----something unseen
beyond the realm of all we know
--and feel
----and hear
beyond the encounter of those special moments in life
when every part of our existence
------is focused
on the here and now
and for a brief moment
----all is just right
beyond even the pureness of joy
that comes in the perfection of religious expression
--amid the rising voices
----and the spine tingling timelessness
came this almost moment in time
rising from the mist
--of exhausted ecstasy
----on a high mountain top
--from the world
----seething in hunger and pain
--longing to see that to which they have turned
----a blind eye
--in this almost place and time
comes the light
that can burn through even the blindness
----of not looking
--or looking too hard
with our eyes focused on that unseen moment
that we almost notice
here at this time
the Son of God leads us down
-----------the world around us
to see the glory of God
in the poor and lost around us
to see the pureness of unbounded timelessness
in the moment of love expressed
to one who knows not love
to see
--by not trying to see that faint glimmer
--------------------------------------------off high
--------------------------------------in the distant mist
--(Listen to Him!)

--in those around us


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