Poem based on 1st Sunday in Lent Mark 1:12-15

The old has passed
With a final test and purging
That has set the stage
--in this plane
for eternity to break in
to a world
--still the same
--and yet new
a world that has seen
--its future dashed
-----------and again
------by the mindless strivings
of humanity
--trying so very hard
(for the kingdom)
---------to make it alone
standing in its toddler steps
and facing
(of God)
in the hopes and dreams
---of making it
--------with an eye toward the God who was and is
on their own
but the air smells different now
(is at hand)
with a newness
--------and a freshness
that seems to come from beyond time
and there is an excitement
(has come to a fullness)
in the air
(that has not been known
on this earth
since God looked at what had been made
and said

It is good)


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