One step from a mis-step

Monday March 2nd,  Genesis 17: 7 I will make My agreement between Me and you and your children after you through their whole lives for all time. I will be God to you and to your children's children after you. Many see religion as a “God and I” thing. God however often sees it as a “God and all the people of creation” thing. The promise was less about the covenant with Abraham and more about God’s promise for all humanity for all time. That promise extends also to us, and to our children, and to our children’s children. Ever since that tree in the Garden thing, we tend to get hung up on the old “What’s in it for me” thing. The temptation after all was to be like God, knowing good and evil and therefore being in charge.  When we do the “what’s in it for me” thing, we are only one step from getting out of step. Life only makes sense when we get back in step and remember that it is a God and All People thing.  It is then we can look around and see in the faces of one another that spark of God, and begin to treat the other as we would treat God.  Then the world will be better for their children and for ours.  Remember God cares for all of God’s children. All of them!!! 


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