slow suicide.

Wednesday February 4th, 1 Corinthians 8: 12 When you sin against them in this way and wound their weak conscience, you sin against Christ.  13 Therefore, if what I eat causes my brother or sister to fall into sin, I will never eat meat again, so that I will not cause them to fall. That which you do onto the least of these, you do onto me is the way Jesus put it.  We have seen how tax cuts for the rich and benefit cuts for the poor may have been good for a few, but the other 99% of us didn’t do so well.  This last year, the richest 14 individuals saw an increase in their wealth greater than the cost of providing food assistance for the entire nation. Now is the time to go the other direction and the pushback will be mighty.  The occupy movement is just starting to make inroads into this Biblical reality.   The temptation is that we too can be part of the 1% is great, and many have succumbed to its allure in the past.  Christ calls us to a different reality.  Christ calls us to a world of “We”, not “Me.”   It is a call for all of us, rich and poor, to live our lives as the generous and grace filled children of God for all the children of God, anything less is only slow suicide. 


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