dance with God.

Sunday January 11th, Genesis 1:  1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. This is a statement of faith.  What follows in the rest of the first creation story in the first chapter of Genesis is the worship of the one who brought creation into being.  For some what follows is a litmus test for proper faith, pitting science against religion.  The real question being asked is whether what follows verse one is science or worship.  The fundamentalists would say they are the same, which means that scientifically they must dance around the view of earth as a flat land floating in a sea of chaos and covered by a dome around which the sun and moon traveled and light came through the holes in the dome at night (stars) and sometimes water came through the holes (rain).  I would rather see the whole thing as a statement of faith followed by the worship of the creator.  Letting science deal with the how does not shake my faith, it fills it with wonder.  The scientific view changes through time, so does the theological understanding.  Even in times of change and discord it is not a threat, it is a dance, and when science in its fullness, and theology in its fullness embrace one another, in their fullness, the dance is beautiful.   Scripture calls us to dance with God.


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