Wednesday December 31st, Galatians 4: 7So you are no longer a slave, but a son; and since you are a son, God has made you also an heir.  How will you celebrate the coming of the New Year?  The tradition is to celebrate with wild abandon and regret it the next day.  But you are different; you are a child of God and are loved because of who we are, even if you do celebrate with a bit too much wild abandon.  We are not loved because of all the wonderful things we do, just as we are not “not loved” because of all the garbage we pull in life.  We are loved because we are the children of God and we are loved as one would love your own children.  Yes that means that sometimes the love must come in the form of tough love. Sometimes that love comes in the form of stepping back and letting us find out for ourselves why what were told what not to do is a good idea to not do.  We are the children of God in all that means.  Welcome to the family. And you might think about spending this New Year’s Eve in celebration of all the wonders God has given you in 14 and in anticipation of all the ministry you will be called to do in 15.


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