Poem based on 4th Sunday in Advent Luke 1:26-38

Mary! Mary!
And the voice was so soft
that she could not be sure
if this was a dream that had awoken her
--so gentle
Awake my child
Awake to the promise
-----(Hail Mary)
given to you from of old
in the promise passed on
-----through Abraham
Men of Greatness
-----------and blessing
gone now
---except for the promise
---and the history
-----of God
---------acting in this world of humanity
-----and all that is to come
focused now
--on this
------------young maiden
(full of grace)
from this part of the world so far from all
----that is considered greatness
----by all who are considered great
softly the voice speaks
And the dream that has been dreamed
By all people
In every time
Has come
--------(the Lord is with you)
sprung from the loins of no man
is the one who is to come
carried safely now in the womb of
the one
to save
that the people of power and greatness have dreamed of
for themselves
carried safely now
--to bring light and hope to all people
God breaking forth in gentleness
And greatness
In a new way
Aided by just this one
-----(I am the Lord’s servant)
-----(May it be with me as you have said)



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