celebrating or stressing

Sunday December 28th, Isaiah 61: 10I celebrate and shout because of my LORD God. His saving power and justice are the very clothes I wear. When we are caught up in the saving power of God, we are no longer caught up in that never-ending cycle of trying to “do” what is right.  Rightness becomes more a matter of who we are.   It is a matter of our very being.  When you are caught up in the saving power of God, what we do is celebrate.  There is no time for judging others, there is no time for warfare, there is no time for anything other than celebrating God’s presence in your life with all that you think do and say.  Your life itself becomes a celebration.  Life is not perfect, there are bumps and dips and deep valleys yet to cross, they are filled with the pain we foist upon ourselves and the pain foisted upon us by others and the world.  But even there in the midst of the valleys, we know that we are not alone, that light still shines in the darkness. The Christmas rush is over, are you celebrating or stressing today?  


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