Opening litany based on Psalm 119:33-40

Pastor: Be my guide in life O Lord and teach me the ways you would have me live, that I may walk by your side my whole life long.

Congregation: Help me to understand your plan for the world that with your help I may walk in your ways and take all your teachings to heart. 

Pastor: Direct me in the paths of your ways for it is there I find my delight.

Congregation: Turn not just my head, but more importantly my heart toward your ways and away from selfish gain.

Pastor: Turn my eyes away from worthless things and fill my life with your word.

Congregation: May your ways be seen in this world so that you may be seen by others with the awe and wonder with which I see you O Lord.

Pastor: Remove the shyness and awkwardness that sometimes keeps me from being a child of God in this world; help me to show that all your ways are good.  

Congregation: I long to walk in your ways this day O Lord, Help me each and every day to walk in your ways, for it is You O Lord who bring life to my world.  


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