Herod or hillside

Thursday August 7th, Matthew 14: Hearing of this, the crowds followed him on foot from the towns. 14 When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sick.  Who were the ones responding to presence of Jesus in this way?   We can be quite sure it was not the guests from Herod’s banquet who enjoyed the head of John the Baptists for dessert.  I believe rather it was the uninvited, unwelcomed and the unworthy in the kingdom of power politics.  These were the victims of power, the masses.  These are the ones we are asked to reach out to.  These are the ones who invited, welcomed and worthy in the Kingdom.  These are the ones who make up the kingdom of God here and now.  And what did Jesus do?  Was it a self-absorbed response, “People, Come on, I just need a little space right now”?  Was it empathetic, “I feel your pain; you must all feel so bad right now”?  Was it self-help, “follow these ten easy steps and you too can be an up and coming person of power in this world”?  No!! It was rather a call to the kingdom life, Blessed are you when you are down and out, blessed are you when you help the down and out, blessed are you when you get in trouble for helping the down and out.  Hear the words of God, be there for one another, treat others justly, share what you have.  The new reality of the kingdom in a world long locked in an old reality power base and what’s in it for me.  Which kingdom, Herod or hillside, is the church called to be?  Which kingdom, Herod or hillside is the church in reality?  Which kingdom, Herod or hillside are you and the ones you? Which kingdom, Herod or hillside does your vote put in our state and national capitols?   Which Kingdom?


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