poem for St. Matthew, Apostle & Evangelist Matthew 9:9-13

Called from a life despised

A life in this world
Not of religious training
As part of the system
That continues all the evil within us
The quest once again for power
Just one more piece of that fruit
Offered to all from Eve
To you and I
Called now to a different life
Called to be at the center
Of a revolution
To be at the center
Of bringing new life to all
Being at the center
Of religious training
Free from all the bounds of this world
And the systems
That draw us one against another
Called to follow Jesus
Despised by many for this call
And there reap the anger
Of a world challenged
A world brought screaming and screeching to new life
Baptized in the waters of forgiveness
That challenges us all
To be
A new creation


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