accident of their birth

Wednesday September 25th, 1 Timothy 2:  4-7 He wants not only us but everyone saved, you know, everyone to get to know the truth we've learned: that there's one God and only one, and one Priest-Mediator between God and us—Jesus, who offered himself in exchange for everyone held captive by sin, to set them all free. Eventually the news is going to get out.  We are saved by grace, a gift from God.  He wants everyone to be saved. God does not condemn any child of God through the accident of their birth any more than you or I would condemn our reject our own children.  Even more so is the depth of God’s grace when you consider the depth of God’s love compared to even the most loving among us.  So one has to wonder if in the end everyone will indeed be saved and everyone will know Jesus as the one who brings this message of grace.  That phrase in John of no one gets onto the father but by me, is more about the process, “Grace” than the Person “Jesus.” We are all held captive and captivated by sin, All of us. Anytime we point at the sin of others, there are four more coming back at us. For each and every one of us in this world, salvation is a gift and through that gift Christ sets all free.  News like that will indeed get out, more so if you share it.  


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