opening litany based on Psalm 33:12-22

Pastor: The nations are blessed who follow the ways of the Lord and live as the children of God.

Congregation: For the Lord looks over all of humanity who live upon the earth. The Lord God who created them knows their hearts and considers all they do.

Pastor: Rulers and nations are not saved by their might and the expense of their military, no warrior escapes by their great strength. The greatest military technology is a vain hope for deliverance for despite its awesome power, it cannot save.
Congregation: But the Lord looks upon those who live in awe and wonder of the Lord and trust in the unfailing love of God to help them in times of need.

Pastor: We wait in hope for the LORD who is our help and our shield. It is in the Lord that our hearts rejoice, It is in the Lord that we put our trust.

Congregation: May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in you.


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