Poem for St. Mark, Evangelist Mark 1:1-15

Prepare the way

Prepare the way of the Lord
was the call
and make ready for what will be
----(the time has come)
make ready for the son of God
in the flesh
in the world
living among the people
you and I
who long so to hear the news
who long so to see the doves
descending on the one
God sent
to save
----(the Kingdom of God)
the way of the Lord
the one for whom the prophets foretold
the one for whom John foretold
has come
and had defeated the one
who would being death
----(is near)
the message is told
and the time is now new
time for the whole world to change
from what it was
to what it is in Christ
and alive
God has loved the people
God has loved the nations
and sent
the one foretold
----(and believe)
who would save the people
from their sins
----(the Good News)
this Christ
the Son of God 


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