Poem for Luke 24:44-53 The Ascension

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth
And the earth was formless and void
And chaos ruled
And God created
And declared
It is Good
It is good this creation of earth
It is good this creation of life
It is even good
This earthling from the earth
Made in the image of God
It is good
And not all good
Tempted to turn inward
Tempted to eat of the tree
Tempted to be god
With a little g
Then one came
Of lowly birth and high calling
Called to fulfill what was called into being as good
Bringing forgiveness
For inward turning little “g’s”
To turn them outward once again
From Jerusalem
To all the nations of this earth
Called good
To bring the news of new beginnings
Freedom from the created chaos
Of the ever inward turning earthling
Called to go into all of creation
Called good
And bring the news of new beginnings
Freedom from
Inward turnings
Freedom for
Outward yearnings
And as he ascended from Bethany below
To the heavens all around
He told them to go
To every nook and cranny
Every nation and state
Every tribe and village
And bring the forgiving news of goodness
As they once again turned inward
To small “g”
And stayed in the temple day and night
Praising god


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